My combined passion of sports and architecture is motivation to keep raising the bar in sports facility design, always striving to advance the student-athlete and fan experience, by setting project goals and achieving them with outside-the-box solutions.  With nearly 20 years in the Architecture profession and over a decade specializing in sports design, comes the realization of how the key is not just following the trends but setting them, creating the ‘wow’ factor while ensuring the design not only facilitates needs but exceeds them.  

Sports Architecture

Can you call it work when it combines your two passions?

Developing the Total Student Athlete

Enhancing the Fan Experience

Designing Solutions that Cultivate the Next Trends

Georgia Tech Football Locker Room: “The passion for the project was just incredible. The people who are working on this have something invested in it.”

Derek Grice, GT Assoc. AD for Facilities and Events

The Design Process

1. Listen & Gather

Architectural Design is about developing solutions that enhance the users experience. The first step is to listen to each users goals, objectives, and constraints. This allows us to gather the information, understand the resources available, and study the existing facilities strengths and weaknesses combining to inform the direction of the project.

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2. Develop Concepts

Once the information is gathered, my team develops custom solutions for each facility. We combine what we heard into multiple options that meet the users goals and objectives while working within the constraints of the project.

3. Achieve Consensus

Those concepts get combined and refined into a design solution that meets the users goals and objectives while working within the resources available.

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